Tax Review

You’re data is in SAP but are the tax calculations correct?

Tracking accurate tax values is key to a successful SAP capital management solution. Specific tax requirements, basis adjustments, and improved reporting are key to success!

Failure to do so yields inaccurate tax returns which can cost you money and leads to a long series of correction or difficult and tedious SAP reporting.  Yet many SAP customers struggle with getting accurate data from their SAP system because of a lack of knowledge or poor asset values.

Consultants from Serio Consulting can review your SAP system to ensure that you are compliant with US Tax regulations.  We can provide specific solutions for the following most common SAP requirements so that you have confidence that the values in SAP are accurate.

  • US Tax Depreciation (MACRS, AMT, ACE)
  • US Tax Bonus Depreciation compliance and calculation
  • Mid-Quarter Depreciation Convention
  • Mid-Month Depreciation Convention
  • Mid-Year Depreciation Convention
  • Tax requirements for Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany, UK, and several other countries
  • Fresh Start Accounting (Bankruptcy Emergence)
  • Tax Law Changes
  • Tax Forms (e.g. 4797, 4263, etc.)
  • Depreciation Recapture
  • Non Compliant State Reporting
  • Property Tax Reporting
  • Cost Segregation Support
  • Integration with 3rd party Tax reporting solutions (e.g. CORPTax, Burr Wolf)
  • DART Support

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