Solution Quality Review

Is your SAP solution optimal? Do you have doubts?

During your SAP implementation, do you have fears about the solution your implementation partner is building?  Any unforeseen critical risks?  What aren’t they telling you?  How can you ensure that the needs of your business are met in the most efficient manner using SAP’s solutions?  By utilizing the Quality Review service from Serio Consulting you’ll gain a truly independent viewpoint regarding the overall success of your SAP capital management system.


  • Reduce implementation risk
  • Uncover system or business process errors before go-live
  • Improve system quality
  • Improve the accuracy of depreciation and calculated interest values
  • Independent viewpoint
  • Provide insight into important SAP functionality
  • Take advantage of SAP expert consulting


Consultants from Serio Consulting will work with you by interviewing key stakeholders and reviewing the necessary system components to assess key project health indicators.  Doing so will ensure your implementation project’s ultimate success by pinpointing conflicts and risks early on.  Based on our combined expertise and unmatched product knowledge we can identify success factor and recognize process improvements related to SAP’s capital management solution.  You will gain specific recommendations on what items support your requirements and what items need to change.  This gives you the ability to forecast whether the results can be delivered on time, within budget, and with the required quality.

The Quality Review process can be applied during the Blueprint, Realization, or Go-Live Preparation phases of your implementation.  A more specialized configuration focused review can be executed at any time post go-live.

If you are looking for comfort and insight into the true status of your SAP implementation and want a way to best mitigate project risks, a Quality Review from Serio Consulting is the best way to achieve this in a cost effective manner.

Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss what it takes to get more out of your SAP investment!