IFRS & Parallel Valuation

How clean is your asset subledger?

How prepared are you to migrate your existing system to the new IFRS accounting standard? How familiar are you with the new parallel accounting requirements?

To better understand the key steps that are required to overcome this difficult-to-interpret process and to minimize the risk of an IFRS migration project, engage the experts at Serio Consulting for a review of your existing processes. We can help you step through the IFRS requirements in the capital accounting area including those surrounding leased assets, intangible assets, and component assets. You will also learn what functionality is available within SAP S/4HANA to effectively manage these kinds of assets to ensure compliance with IFRS. Our experience with IFRS requirements and the SAP capital fixed asset solution allow us to make all necessary configuration and master data changes as well as create a solution that is more consistent to support any future audits.

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