Custom SAP Solutions

Going beyond standard functionality

After working with SAP customers for 25+ years, we’ve implemented numerous custom solutions to push our customers ahead of their competition.  Enhancements, automation and Reporting.


Addition of New Depreciation Area

SAP delivers a standard program to create new depreciation areas but it has several shortcomings.  The standard program has limited selection criteria; it will only run for a single Chart of Depreciation but not for individual assets or company codes within the chart.  The standard program can’t work with AuCs managed as investment measures or retired assets.  It also does not populate the depreciation parameters on the new area based on the configuration in the system.  Serio Consulting has a more robust program that solves each of these limitations which gives you greater control of the process.


Reversal of Depreciation Run

It is not possible, in standard SAP, to reverse the execution of a depreciation run. You can read more about the situation in this blog on  Reversing a Depreciation Run in Asset Accounting or an update on our service here: How to Reverse a Depreciation Run in SAP Fixed Assets.

Serio Consulting has a specific correction program that will reverse the depreciation run in both the asset subledger and the GL.  This is a very advanced solution but one that we have implemented successfully at multiple customers.


Required Time Dependent Tracking on Asset Master

Certain changes to the Fixed Asset master record can be tracked on a time interval basis yet standard SAP has no way to require that the intervals be created.  Most companies fail to maintain the intervals and just overwrite the asset’s existing attributes.  In the case of the asset’s cost center this results in  imbalances between the fixed asset figures reported in FI-AA with the balance sheets tracked in Profit Center Accounting (PCA).  Serio Consulting has solutions to make the tracking of time dependent changes a required setting when maintaining the Fixed Asset master record and thus ensure that the system is properly reconciled.


Automation of Fixed Asset Record Maintenance

Serio Consulting has solutions to automate the maintenance of the fixed asset master record.  These solutions will ensure that the data is more accurate and contain more attributes which yields superior reporting as well as make the maintenance of the subledger easier to administer.


Advanced Customization of Account Determination (GL Accounts) During Asset Transactions.

The GL account assignment functionality in FI-AA is much more complicated than traditional FI account assignment for other modules.  In addition to providing advice on how to best define and handle changes to the standard account determination, Serio Consulting has solutions to make changes post go-live.  We also have solutions to tweak how the FI document line items are constructed and how to deviate from the standard account determination on a transaction type basis.


Custom Integration of Fixed Asset and PM Equipment Records

SAP provides a limited amount of integration between the Fixed Asset and Equipment master records.  Serio Consulting has implemented more advanced solutions to better synchronize these two related records to ensure that the maintenance activity in PM is properly recognized in FI-AA.


Settlement Automation

Are you manually creating hundreds or thousands of fixed assets for your capital projects?  Serio has implemented solutions to automate this process so that the data is created automatically and correctly entered in the WBS/IO settlement rule.  This results in numerous hours of saved time during month end close.


User fields on SAP Master Data

Do you find the list of values on an SAP master record insufficient for your needs?  We’ve implemented enhancements to add customer specific fields to Project Definitions, WBS Elements, Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Vendors, Customers and Fixed Assets.  This results in increases in reporting capabilities allowing you to make better sense of your data.


Conversion of Long Text on Master Records


Integration of Materials Movements and Fixed Asset Transactions

Do you need to track large fixed asset records in a way similar to how Inventory Management tracks materials?  Serio Consulting has implemented custom solutions to manage certain fixed asset records as materials to better leverage functionality in MM-IM.


AuC Capitalization Detail Reporting


Posted Depreciation by Period and Cost Object

The majority of SAP Fixed Asset reports display planned annual depreciation figures for each asset.  Serio Consulting can deliver reports that show posted figures for the cost object of your choice (Cost Center, Business Area, Profit Center, WBS Element, Maintenance Order, Fund, Fund Center, etc.)


Master Data and Transaction Data Screen Layout Changes

Most customers are aware of the basics of field control on an SAP master record but are not aware of hot to modify transaction screens.  Serio Consulting has knowledge of some of SAP’s advanced solutions to further tweak the system so that it can be optimized for your unique workflow.

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