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Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO)

Are you managing your AROs offline in Excel? Struggling with the accretion calculation and load process? Are you aware of SAP’s Asset Retirement Obligation solution?

Work with Serio Consulting to quickly implement SAP’s solution for AROs so that your data is properly calculated, posted, and easily reported on!

Leasing (IFRS 16 / ASC 842)

Are you rushing to account for your leases correctly based on IFRS 16? Are you using SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa or a different solution? Have you heard of SAP’s new leasing solution SAP Cloud for Contract and Lease Management (CLM)?

The experts at Serio Consulting are fully experienced in the lease requirements of ASC 842 and IFRS 16 and worked with several customers to properly account for their leases in SAP.

IFRS & Parallel Valuation

How prepared are you to migrate your existing system to the new IFRS accounting standard? How familiar are you with the new parallel accounting requirements? Have you had to handle a cost segregation (cost seg) study recently?

Serio Consulting can assist in getting your books setup in either ECC with the NewGL or in S/4HANA with the SAP GL.

SAP Consulting

You’ve invested millions in SAP licensing to enable your business to develop innovative solutions using SAP’s industry leading S/4HANA application. What else are you missing?

In order to effectively exploit the embedded functionality in the Capital Management areas of S/4HANA, contact Serio Consulting to get the expert guidance you need.

SAP Solutions

SAP solutions are inherently deep and complex. It’s frequently the case where the implementation team bypasses functionality that they’re not aware of in order to meet deadlines.

Let the experts at Serio Consulting work with you to optimize your capital accounting requirements in SAP.

Tax Review

Are you able to get the right tax values out of SAP or are you downloading to Excel and calculating them yourself?

SAP fully supports all US and CA tax requirements in standard fixed assets yet few people can consistently set it up correctly.

SAP Solution Quality Review

How pleased are you with your SAP solution?  How confident are you in the contractors who set it up?  How many work-arounds have they pushed on you?

Remote Consulting

The best way to get true expertise in a timely fashion!


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